You want to shine?

Conference with Saki Santorelli, former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic and Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society of the University of Massachusetts. Do we really want to just run away from suffering? Or do we want to go further and flourish and shine? I need to feel that I enlighten who is around me… So yes, I want to shine that's what Saki conveyed to us at his conference. Full of science and emotion. Of objective and acknowledged data. One of Mindfulness's "fathers" in our society. Bent on wanting to communicate more and more people better and seek the acceptance of others, we forget that sometimes we also need to communicate with ourselves. and listen to us.  And above all, accept. And for that, we have to learn how to do it. We are connected to society, no doubt. And it's something we need from the human condition. But are you connected to yourself? We all have a "story" that talks about ourselves. Our story. I mean, "I am…., I dedicate myself to…. I gusta….se I'm good…. But I feel bad….. And I don't like it…. "Have you tried to challenge your own story? We are what we think we are and that can limit us. Feel free to engage. Once you try it, you want more and having the experience of self-regulation is incredible. I mean to be aware that you could have said or done what you normally do, but not this time. You noticed this time before you reacted and changed your answer. Now you're in control. We do not stop listening to the benefits of doing physical activity (I am the first to promote it), but…. Where's the "mental activity"? Mindfulness is that. is to care, is to accept, is to be conscious. And much more. Thank you, Saki. And thanks to Nirakara Institute for allowing this experience.

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