School performance and Biological clock

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Berkeley analyzed the behavior of 15,000 university students while connecting to student computer systems. By comparing hours of activity with academic performance, researchers found evidence that circadian rhythm has a decisive impact on student performance. The study found that most students suffer from the effect of "social jet lag," a condition where our maximum attention and alert times are out of sync with our routine. The most vulnerable types of students are those with "nightlife" patterns, as they are unable to perform efficiently during the day. Similarly, those qualified as "early birders" may suffer by taking classes at the end of the afternoon. No matter what category we are in, the study has shown that most are out of sync with class schedules. In addition, instead of suggesting magic recipes such as "Bedtime earlier", the study recommends working on individualizing education, to take advantage of the time of day when the student can pay more attention. Read more


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