Mindful Gardening

Do you like practicing mindful Gardening? This way of paying attention and curiosity to the natural environment helps us to connect with ourselves and with nature. Here you have some simple keys to enjoy it:

  • Slow down and walk the mere pleasure of walking, without having to reach a destination.

  • Savor through your senses. Tune the use of the whole body: the warm air in your face, the sound of the birds, the fragrances of the flowers and the earthy smell of the soil, the texture of the leaves.
  • Think small. Observe the most insignificant and aprécialos details.
  • Change your point of view: Look up, down, not where you always look.
  • Keep the need to do anything else and just be present.
  • Stay awhile. Choose your place, make yourself comfortable and resist the temptation to move on.

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