Investment in organitzational wellbeing

I share with you all the interview that I made of the newspaper "La Voz de Avilés" on October 27, on the occasion of my participation in the XII National Congress of Ergonomics and Psychosociology, organized by the Asturian Association of Ergonomics (Prereal). In it, I emphasize that the human value of this type of interventions is not incompatible with a better result for companies. In particular, according to the report healthy workers in healthy companies of the European Network for Workplace (ENWHP), it is noted that, for every euro invested in health and welfare plans, it will be recorded a long-term economic savings between 2 ' 50 to 4 ' 80 Euros in absenteeism costs and between 2 ' 30 to 5 ' 90 euros in sickness costs. Interview The voice of Avilés


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