DAYS "We are Earth, we are Ebro: journey towards Sustainability"

Preparing already eagerly my participation in the day "We are land, we are Ebro. Journey to sustainability ", to be held from 20 to 22 June in Tarragona and Tierras el Ebro. I will share knowledge at the table of "ecopsychology and reconnection Tools" together with Inmaculada Juan Franch, Rosa wants and Daniel Turón and moderated by Judith Estrada. Together we will discuss the need to re-connect man with nature, the impact on our health, the need for commitment and modification of behaviors, etc… Among other topics.

I greatly appreciate this invitation to @Manuel Bestraten and @Judith Estrada.

#miesesglobal #Biophilia #weareWELL #Bienestar #Sostenibilidad

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