Time to disconnect

We need "time to disconnect." We have long been reporting on the adverse effects of hyperconnectivity for mental health (see in our blog). Here we leave you five tips from the hand of Atresmedia in his fantastic campaign of diffusion "raises the head", the movement for a responsible use of technology.

DAYS "We are Earth, we are Ebro: journey towards Sustainability"

Preparing already eagerly my participation in the day "We are land, we are Ebro. Journey to sustainability ", to be held from 20 to 22 June in Tarragona and Tierras el Ebro. I will share knowledge at the table of "ecopsychology and reconnection Tools" together with Inmaculada Juan Franch, Rosa wants and Daniel Turón and…
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XIX International ORP Congress

There are only 24 days left for the ORP Conference, Madrid 2019! With the motto "Healthy companies: The value of people in the digital age", IS-WELL will participate in the roundtable: "Circular Economy: The road to sustainability in the global Era", along with Eusebio Martínez de la Casa, Joan Miró and José Antonio Díaz. I…
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Mindful Gardening

Do you like practicing mindful Gardening? This way of paying attention and curiosity to the natural environment helps us to connect with ourselves and with nature. Here you have some simple keys to enjoy it: Slow down and walk the mere pleasure of walking, without having to reach a destination. Savor through your senses. Tune…
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Workshop "Time To disconnect"

Yesterday we started the workshop "Time to disconnect" offered by Professional Women's Network (PWN-Madrid). In it we try to turn the "disconnection" into a habit of our lives through various practices that bring us energy and calm. We were also aware of the impact of emotional exhaustion on our wellbeing and tried to reflect on…
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Reduction of salt, sugar and fats, by law.

Processed food manufacturers undertake to reduce salt, fats and sugars following the signature of various agreements of the Minister of Health, Consumer and Social welfare, with associations representing 398 food and beverage companies. Among the measures agreed, it is promoted: A reduction of sugars between 3.5% to 18% A salt reduction, between 5% and 16%…
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Organic is neither safer nor more nutritious

The Director of the European Food Safety Agency, Bernhard Url, answers questions as if we should be concerned about the content of fertilizers or chemicals in food, or whether we can combine the current consumption of meat with a more Humanitarian. Read the full interview

The Mediterranean diet also promotes psychological well-being

Researchers have found that those people with greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet have higher levels of psychological well-being. Read more

Investment in organitzational wellbeing

I share with you all the interview that I made of the newspaper "La Voz de Avilés" on October 27, on the occasion of my participation in the XII National Congress of Ergonomics and Psychosociology, organized by the Asturian Association of Ergonomics (Prereal). In it, I emphasize that the human value of this type of…
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Do you deserve a break from the Internet?

Did you know that boredom can make us more productive and creative? Every time we change the focus of attention from one activity to another (something we do about 566 times a day on our computer), the brain consumes and wastes nutrients. When we carry out and focus on a routine task, without distractions, we…
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