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Organic is neither safer nor more nutritious

The Director of the European Food Safety Agency, Bernhard Url, answers questions as if we should be concerned about the content of fertilizers or chemicals in food, or whether we can combine the current consumption of meat with a more Humanitarian. Read the full interview

Documentary "Obesity, the epidemic of S. XXI "

The National Center of Cardiovascular Research, protagonist in the series of documentaries "The Other science". Do not miss this documentary by Luis Quevedo, where you can listen to great researchers such as Valentín Fuster, Borja Ibáñez, Guadalupe Sage and Gonzalo Pizarro discuss obesity in our time. On Thursday 25 October in the other of Telemadrid.…
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Emotional wellbeing

The National Institute of Safety, Health and welfare at work has designed a technical poster for the promotion of emotional wellbeing for employees of organizations, pointing out as key elements, among others, to have a positive attitude, motivation for What we do every day and care in healthy living habits.

European Mobility Week

From the 16th of September to the next day 22, the European Mobility Week is being held, with the aim of sensitizing political and citizen leaders with the advantages of the environment and public health in promoting displacement Active. Spain is one of the countries with the most active participation in this initiative. Read more…
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Psychobiotics: Bacteria that help your mental health

Did you know that up to 95% of serotonin (neurotransmitter that gives us positive sensations) is manufactured in the intestine? A line of research is being opened on the role of intestinal bacteria in the sensations of well-being, anxiety, depression, etc. An ecological and varied diet rich in fermented products can prevent certain alterations. Read…
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Combating sedentary lifestyle: long-term effects

A study carried out at the Icahn School of Medicine at the Mont Sinai Hospital has demonstrated the maintenance of health benefits due to the use of elevating platforms at work: reduction of discomfort in the neck, shoulders and back, higher levels of Concentration, energy and positivity and health improvements outside of jobs. Read more.

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