What is WELL certification? In recent years there has been a global effort to address climate change and to achieve optimum energy efficiency in buildings, it has highlighted standards such as BREEAM and LEED. However, as scientific analysis and awareness of physical and psychological health has increased, architects are once again obliged to situate human beings at the center of the design process. This growing trend has led to the development of WELL-regarded certification as the world's first certification focusing exclusively on human health and well-being. The standards behind WELL have been the result of seven years of research with scientists, physicians and architects and in its version 2 addresses ten characteristics of the spaces that impact on human health: air, water, food, light, fitness, thermal comfort, Sound, materials, mind and community. Therefore, a well-certified space is one that is considered to improve nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns and the performance of its occupants. IS-WELL guides you, through its methodology, to get your building, interior space or structure, to obtain this certification.